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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.“
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Business Woman & Entrepreneur

Sarah's is a multipotentialite, also known as someone with many different interests and creative pursuits in life. She has many paths and pursues all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously, diving into her passions and bringing everything she learns into her work, as well as to her friends, family, clients and colleagues. This, along with her unique corporate experience, allows her to offer creative, flexible marketing solutions and services to better aid an individual or solopreneur, small or medium-sized business in deciding on the best strategy for the launch, rebrand and/or ongoing growth of their company. To that end, she loves to help her clients realize their dreams by providing solutions that fit their business. As such, Second Life Careers & Solutions has a variety of relationships to help its clients in building their online presence holistically, making sure to take advantage of all available solutions to maximize the exposure of the clients business.

Sarah Hannah, Second Life Careers & Solutions
Traveler & Life Student

Sarah loves to travel and recently visited India for two weeks on a yoga pilgrimage and got to see the Taj Mahal, along with many other beautiful parts of India - including the Himalayan mountains. The pandemic really put a damper on travel but this year Sarah is planning on seeing much of the US in the Class A RV (a big bus) her and her husband own to see concerts and more. In January of 2023 she visited the glorious Tetons in Jackson Hole Wyoming, in the upcoming months they'll head to Boston for a music festival, Tennessee for her grandmother's 90th birthday, and more! You can read more about Sarah's trip to India below. 

Animal & People Lover

For years Sarah has had dogs, donated to various organizations and volunteered her time to help those in need for many years. From soup kitchens to various non-profit organizations, adopting a shelter dog, building homes and helping the elderly, being of service is in her blood and that also applies to her business.


When you serve others, you are offering your time, skills, and energy to help them in some way. No matter how big or small the act of service may be, it has the power to make a meaningful difference in someone's life...which includes something as simple as a smile. One of the joys of serving others is the sense of purpose and fulfillment it can bring. It allows you to use your skills and abilities to benefit someone else, which can be deeply rewarding. 


Why Elephants?

First, let's talk about why I chose elephants to represent the Second Life Careers & Solutions brand. Our story starts in 2013...


Already having a deep love of elephants, seeing them in their own habitat had an amazing impact and on a magical trip to Kenya (Africa) I got to go on multiple safari's and snapped the pictures you’ll see across both websites and all of the marketing materials.

So on to this wonderful story...

As I was leaving the final safari park (of their two week journey) in Masai Mara with a caravan of five other trucks, a large female elephant (aka, a cow) looked like she was going to charge the safari truck Sarah and her group (five women) were in. The entire group were definitely nervous but suddenly realized the SUV in front of them had separated mother from calf.


Click here to read the ending (less than two minutes)...

Image by Skye Studios

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