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Women Supporting Women: How are You Helping the Working Women in Your Life?

Women supporting women

From entrepreneurs, corporates, working moms and more, as women there's a lot to juggle in our daily lives and most of us need all the help we can get….so why not look to each other?

In the last week or two, this theme has shown up in so many areas of my life. From LinkedIn and other social media , to various networking groups. The main question being: can women supporting women happen without competition, jealousy or fear of threat? The answer from my experience is an absolute and resounding YES!

In the realm of business and life, the power of women supporting women cannot be underestimated. It's a movement that transcends boundaries, generations and backgrounds, forging a path towards gender equality, empowerment, and success. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the profound impact of women supporting women with sincerity and feeling, backed by references and real-life stories that showcase the strength of this extraordinary bond.

The Sincerity Factor

Sincerity is the bedrock upon which genuine support thrives. It's about celebrating each other's achievements without a hint of jealousy or competition. When women genuinely support each other, they create an environment where everyone can flourish. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that companies with more women in leadership positions are 21% more likely to outperform their counterparts in terms of profitability. This underscores the importance of women uplifting each other for mutual success.

Real-Life Inspirations

Let's take a look at some real-life stories that exemplify the power of sincere support among women.

  1. Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou: Oprah often credits Maya Angelou as her mentor and source of inspiration. Maya's unwavering support and guidance helped Oprah navigate the challenging terrain of the entertainment industry, leading to her immense success. “We are braver and wiser because they existed, those strong women and strong men... We are who we are because they were who they were. It's wise to know where you come from, who called your name.” ~ Maya Angelou

  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor: These two formidable Supreme Court Justices, despite differing political views, formed a close friendship and professional alliance. Their support for each other not only strengthened their own positions but also advanced women's rights in the United States.

The Feeling of Empowerment

Earnest support among women isn't just about professional success and personal empowerment; it's also about breaking down the walls that societal norms and stereotypes have constructed. Women have historically been pitted against each other in various spheres of life, but when they choose to help one another genuinely, they challenge and redefine these narratives.

In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of attending many networking meetings and events, the majority of them hosted and attended by women. It is so inspiring to see so many female entrepreneurs building their businesses, while support the rest of the community. For me, this new type of networking started a couple years ago when I joined an amazing group of women in the wellness space on Facebook called RISE - Ready to Inspire, Serve & Elevate. That led me to my next big introduction to No Plan B Consulting and a new 1-1 coach, along with her community circle. My journey has continued with other groups such as Like Minded Collective, NJ Women in Business Organization, Kelly Lynn Adams and She Rises Studios, with whom I’m in the process of publishing my first book (official announcement coming soon!). Meeting all of these amazing women, hearing their stories continuing to build these amazing relationships has become a very important to both me, and my business. Sincere encouragement among women doesn't just yield professional success; it also fosters emotional growth and empowerment. When women come together, they amplify each other's voices and instill a sense of confidence that can be truly transformative.

Breaking Barriers

Women supporting women is not limited to a particular field or industry. It's a movement that transcends boundaries, shattering glass ceilings and breaking through barriers. Today, and as mentioned above, we see women coming together to create networks, mentorship programs and initiatives that empower women across various sectors. For instance, organizations like "Lean In" founded by Sheryl Sandberg and the "Women's Entrepreneurship Day" initiated by Wendy Diamond are prime examples of women leveraging their influence to uplift and support other women in business.

Be Limitless

Someone asked me recently who I’m currently following for help with my life and business. The list is very long, and because I also teach yoga and meditation (which bleeds into my digital marketing and strategy business) it includes from my family, friends and colleagues, to those from the past and the present. From Buddha and Marcus Aurelius, to Mel Robbins and Yung Pueblo, Michelle Obama, Jay Shetty, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Rumi, Dolly Parton, Betty White and more - the list goes on. Women supporting women in service and compassion is a force that can change the world. It's a movement that transcends competition and jealousy, replacing them with unity and empowerment. As we've seen through references and real-life examples, this support isn't just good for women; it's good for society and business as a whole. When women succeed, we all benefit. So, let's continue to celebrate, uplift and empower one another on this remarkable journey towards equality and success.

Together, we are an unstoppable force.

At Second Life Careers & Solutions, our core values are Service, Loyalty & Compassion and the founder, Sarah Hannah is pursuing her passions and purpose in the support of others. She is grateful to all her clients and colleagues for their trust and support in helping them with their businesses and would love to help you in support of your business, please feel free to reach out to her directly by clicking here.

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