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Reflections is an inspirational journal featuring beautiful images taken from various parts of the world that are symmetrical in their alignment with quotes by greats like Rumi, Buddha, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marcus Aurelius, Mother Teresa, Saint Augustine and Lao Tzu for their spiritual guidance, directness and love. The images, quotes and journaling prompts will guide you through five main areas of self-discovery: Awareness, Perspective, Compassion, Self-Mastery and Gratitude.


There's no particular order to this journal, use it in a way that best suits your needs on a particular day or time. Jump around and enjoy the photos, sit with the prompts and see how they resonate with you. Come back to them anytime and update or add more thoughts or simply to review where you were mentally or emotionally at that time. There are extra journaling pages throughout each section and also at the end of the book for whatever you need.


The hope for this journal is that it may help bring you motivation in times of stagnancy, encouragement when you need a gentle nudge and love when your thoughts wane from the beauty of you.

Reflections Paperback

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