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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth?

While recently in the presence of a Swami Guru in India, he said to our group, “love is feeling oneness with everyone, and it is also purity of heart and mind.” 


Inside this Inspirational Journal

About the Author


Originally from Tennessee, Sarah brings a lot of her southern charm and heritage into her life and work. She is big on family, kindness and giving, whether it be at the post office, a plane or the grocery store, a warm smile, engaging conversation and generosity go a long way.


Sarah is a true multipotentialite, embodying a spirit of boundless curiosity and diverse creative pursuits that define the essence of a modern Renaissance woman. Her life is a rich tapestry of passions, each thread woven seamlessly into the fabric of her journey. Whether she treads a single path or follows multiple avenues simultaneously, she immerses herself fully in her pursuits, blending the wisdom she gains into every facet of her life and work.

Sarah's love for travel is a reflection of her insatiable thirst for exploration and growth. With her continued pursuit of knowledge, India beckoned and she answered the call with a yoga pilgrimage that allowed her to bask in the presence of the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, the serenity of the Himalayan peaks and amazing guides and gurus. Throughout her life, writing has been a steadfast companion and upon her return from India she had a vision for this inspirational journal. The culmination of years of introspection, exploration, and insight, this offering invites readers into her world of discovery.

In this inaugural journal, you’ll accompany Sarah on her journey of reflection. Woven with threads of self-love and compassion, shared reflection and profound appreciation, she extends a warm welcome to readers, inviting them to join her in this voyage of introspection. As she continues to evolve and grow, she eagerly anticipates the unfolding of future chapters—destined to be chronicled in the pages of her next two journals.

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